Occupational Therapy

Child-led, Family-friendly, Relationship-based

Occupational therapists have a way of helping people successfully perform daily activities that they want or need to do.  This might include a person's actual job/occupation, but usually it's much more than that.  Daily activities like playing, learning, sleeping, and socializing are important parts of a happy life!  When daily life seems uncomfortable or difficult for people, an OT can help you figure out why.  Occupational therapists are skilled at performing a task analysis, which means that they can break down an activity and figure out WHY a person might be having trouble with it.  Then, once they figure out why, they can decide how to help a person improve so that they can perform their daily occupations and have a more peaceful and satisfying life.  

At SMOT, we use a child-led and relationship-based approach to therapy.  This means that we work hard to build a positive relationship with our clients, and we follow the child's lead and interests in therapy sessions.  With that, we create an environment in which a child is internally motivated to succeed and engage in the therapy process.  Caregivers are ALWAYS invited and encouraged to participate in the sessions. 

Most of our clients come to us for our expertise in sensory integration and our gentle, playful approach.  

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