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Frequently Asked Questions

What does "Neurodiverse" mean?
What does "Neurodiverse" mean?
What ages do you work with?​
  • All ages!   Our clinic can support infants, toddlers, school-aged children, adolescents, young adults, and older adults.

I'm new to this.  What happens in OT?
The first session is always an evaluation.  Prior to the evaluation, we will look through the intake paperwork and questionnaires that you gave us.  During the evaluation, we will talk to you and your support team (ex. parent, partner) and gather more information.  We will also ask you to do certain movement tasks, like swing or stand on one foot, so that we can see how your body and brain perceive and adjust to the information that you are getting through your joints, eyes, skin, and ears. After you leave, we will put all of this information together and write a report with our observations and test results for you to review, keep, and share with others if you'd like.
Once the evaluation is complete, we will talk to you about our recommendations for how often you 

What is occupational therapy?  
Can my child get OT from the school and also here at the clinic?
Do you take insurance?
Do you work with TEIS (Tennessee Early Intervention Services)?
I think my child might be autistic or have ADHD.  Do you evaluate for that?
My child is really timid and clingy to me.  I don't know if they'll be able to participate in the sessions without crying or hiding.
Can I come back to the treatment area with my child?
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